Bukuroshja heq te brendshmen ne emision live, sa qe le goj hapur gazetarin (VIDEO)

Here at very very very Neat Stuff, we have a tendency to powerfully believe 2 things: the ridiculous and Hallowe'en. In fact, Hallowe'en is our favourite vacation. And once it involves “trick or treat” we elect the “trick.” Pranks? Gags? affirmative, please!

We determined to comb the web to seek out some Hallowe'en costumes that work our ethos: a number of the funniest, weirdest, and most ridiculous. Hope it offers you some inspiration for this Halloween!
The new study showed that wedding protected ladies even over men from out-of-hospital coronary failure death.

The study enclosed individuals from completely different race teams and social backgrounds and also the findings “can roughly be thought to be applicable in different western countries,” aforesaid Dr Lammintausta.

Relying on knowledge from population records, the team couldn't directly live the results for single, cohabiting couples.

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