Djali I Varfër Që Bëhet I Pasur Për Një Ditë Vetëm E Vetëm Për Të Bërë Për Vete Vajzën Tekanjose.. (VIDEO)

he Pous came to Australia to flee the war in Asian nation.
Sophone conjointly spoke out against suggestions her female offspring was being delineated  in an exceedingly negative light-weight due to her race, dismissing it as nonsense.
"I am not involved regarding the method the ladies area unit being delineated . it's a real depiction,'' she says.
"It's simply not one thing that i believe regarding.
"Sophia isn't a illustration of her entire race, neither is Ashlee of each Vietnamese person out there. {they area unit|they're} 2 those who are sturdy in character and opinion.

Shikoni Videon