Gazetarja provokon Boksierin..shikoni si ja kthen ai (video)

Quoting undefined  sources, the ABC, that skint the initial story concerning Zygier's secret arrest and death in jail, aforesaid on one in every of his four journeys to Australia, Zygier had conjointly applied for a piece visa to Italia.
But international intelligence agency became involved once it discovered Zygier had contact with the Australian spy agency, the bedrock reported , adding it had been disturbed he would possibly expire info a few major operation planned for Italia.
It aforesaid Zygier was one in every of 3 Australians WHO modified their names many times and took out new Australian passports for travel within the geographical area and Europe for his or her work with international intelligence agency.
The closely guarded case has raised queries in Australia and Israel concerning the suspected use by international intelligence agency of twin Australian-Israeli nationals.

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