E tradhtoi… dënimi më i paimagjinueshëm që keni parë! (video)

One of Channel 9's nice accomplishments in nurturing Dad's talent, and a part of the rationale his passion for "the Nines", as he known as it, was therefore powerfully social group, was the network's encouragement and appreciation for Dad's inner ham. when a lifetime of gravity and high reporting, from his post at The Daily and also the Sunday Telegraph in state capital to triumph stints at Newsweek and also the Guardian and 20-plus years within the capital of Australia area for 9, he extremely simply wished to hide Fashion Week. and also the Mardi Gras, the Easter Show - if it had been fun and packed with play, he wished to be there.
He cherished having the family - notably Mum - watch his stories along once he got home from work and would be as excited as a child if we tend to laughed at the jokes he buried in his scripts, or the sight of him riding a dodgem-car or sporting a woman Gaga wig. "It's recreation. We're within the recreation business," he'd say.

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