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In A Road to Mecca, film producer Saint George Misch sets bent explore the frontline between the Muslim world and also the West. His guide for this journey could be a man from the past – someone World Health Organization, eighty years earlier, crossed all boundaries between countries, cultures and religions. Leopold Weiss was born a someone on the sting of the previous Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1900. however his story would unfold secluded within the deserts of Arabia. Connect With Al Jazeera World Feeling restless and sad in Europe, in 1922 Weiss accepted AN uncle’s invite to affix him in capital of Israel. however what began as a family visit presently was a life-changing journey. Weiss enjoyed the welcome of the Arabs he met within the Near East and was spellbound by their way. With the eagerness of AN mortal, he began to travel across the region. His travels and encounters nurtured in him a way that Zionism was inflicting a good injustice to the Palestinian Arabs. In capital of Israel, he got into heated arguments with the leaders of the Zionism and started to feel a larger distance from the faith of his ancestors than ever before. As he discovered the Muslims of the center East, Weiss conjointly discovered Islam – finding out the al-Qur'an and finding not solely the solution to the religious emptiness he had felt however conjointly another to the materialism of Europe’s Roaring Twenties. In Asian country, Weiss felt really reception, writing: “I am not a unknown.” “Islam ought to be bestowed with none zealotry. with none stress on our having the sole potential manner and also the others ar lost. Moderation altogether forms could be a basic demand of Islam.” Muhammad Asad In 1926, he reborn to Islam and adjusted his name to Muhammad Asad. jam-packed with enthusiasm, he embarked upon his 1st journeying to Mecca. Curious to urge to understand alternative Muslim communities, in 1932 Asad left Asian country – motion to Turkestan, China and Republic of Indonesia.

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