Shikoni kete vajz qe pozon gjysem e zhveshur ne mes te rruges (VIDEO)

In India, he met author and thinker Muhammad Iqbal. Iqbal unreal of making a separate Moslem state as an answer to the bloodshed between Indian Muslims and Hindus. Iqbal’s vision of Islamic Republic of Pakistan quickly became Asad’s own dream. Asad campaigned for the creation of Islamic Republic of Pakistan by writing books, giving public lectures and hosting radio programmes. He conjointly written the define for associate degree Moslem constitution during which equal rights for girls were secured. In 1951, Asad became Pakistan’s envoy to the international organization. however to his dismay he was forced out of the position once only 1 year. Deeply discomfited, he turned his back on politics, deciding instead to jot down his life story within the hope that it'd promote higher understanding between Muslims and therefore the West. The Road to Mecca quickly became a bestseller. By 1970, Asad had fully grown progressively involved that the Koran was being misinterpreted and exploited for political goals. This impelled him to undertake his biggest challenge: a brand new translation of, and comment on, the Quran. He settled in Morocco and calculable that it'd take him four years to complete. Seventeen years later it had been finished. He dedicated it to “people United Nations agency think”.

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